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"To Sea in a Sieve." By John Bull.
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Thread: "To Sea in a Sieve." By John Bull.

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    Default "To Sea in a Sieve." By John Bull.

    For anyone with an interest in landingcraft and their operations, and day to day life, this is a "must read".

    The author was Captain of a Landing craft, which (from memory) was a Landing Craft Mechanised.

    The routines of daily life are well depicted, as are the hazards of long sea journeys, which were at times undertaken, despite that the vessel was never designed for such.

    The writing style is in line with the morality of the times, in as much as "oh, _ _ _ _" replaces "oh shit" etc, but the author goes to great lengths to make the reader see the people as well as the vessel they crewed.

    A good read, and worth finding.

    Kind Regards, Uyraell.
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