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Viewed as a "war movie" - well, rubbish, obviously. Viewed as a horror/science fantasy movie borrowing on a "war" context - not that bad. When I was a young history student, I would have found this sort of thing irritating. I am, I hope, a bit less snobbish now. By the way - somebody mentioned "The Bunker". Same comments, I think, apply; as long as one can suspend the pedant in oneself, and ignore things like the protocol of wearing decorations - not bad, viewed as a horror movie. In fact, I found "The Bunker" distinctly scary, even if it dragged a bit in the third quarter. Strange that I have seen both of these; I am not a great movie person. Best regards, JR.
I enjoy the Nazi Horror Genre, I'm not a fan of human on human horror so those types are a no go area for me but the superstitious and far fetched can be a hoot. I think though, as you mentioned history student, the majority would see these films for what they are and take enjoyment as horror and not history, hopefully anyway.

Check out Iron Sky once released JR, history...well yeah there is that in there but unless NASA has being hiding more then the possibility of ET then it's comedic side of Nazi Horror (?) but for your sanity, self respect and general time give Nazis at the Center of the Earth a miss.