I got struck by an idea while I was on my way to work. I put it out here, in my poor English since I’m Swedish. Hope you get it anyway. Here is goes…

Why not make a top 100 pictures. Some kind of ww2incoulors Billboard. Even if I personally love black n white picture this billboard should only contain pictures colored by you guys. A colorful competition so to speak. There are loads of old color pictures but this one should be a refreshment of old b/w, up to date made by You.
The more information there is about the actual picture it should add to the rating and also the quality of the coloring itself and of course the choice of picture. As it already is…
And by the end of each year it could be some kind of Hall of fame were the top 25 pictures are displayed.
Well,.. that’s about that. What do you think?
Was I just tired and delusional or can this be something to add to your superb website.