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  1. Re: 1st Bn Border Regiment - Operation Husky (Syracuse)

    You are wellcome. A good book was wrote from a friend of mine. Mr Ian Blackwell and the title is : "Battle for Sicily" Stepping stone to victory. Editor Pen & Sword.
  2. Re: 1st Bn Border Regiment - Operation Husky (Syracuse)

    Hi www.impavidus.it we are also on fb, next mounth I will guide the son of a soldier that died here during the landing '43. We are also on fb Associazione Impavidus, and there is a video on Utube....
  3. Re: 1st Bn Border Regiment - Operation Husky (Syracuse)

    For further info conctact me on the web site or on fb. Well be a pleasure for me to help you.
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    Re: Most important war operation ww2

    Yes but don't forget that Operation Ladbroke, was the first operation by glider, and was really important because was a test for Normandy!!
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