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  1. Re: 1937 Newspaper Accurately Predicted Pearl Harbor Attack

    I dont think there was a plan with more strategic value, than attacking Hawai. Although landing in Alaska might work for the Japanese to. No one bat an eye though
  2. Re: "You're not a-foolin' me - there is no Sanity Clause ..."

    Hey Sheldon hell of a point :lol: But i think Nickdfresh has a point.. leaving in a multicultural world makes things easy. People commune one another so this is pretty logical
  3. Re: "You're not a-foolin' me - there is no Sanity Clause ..."

    I believe breaking down sectarian borders would be if we saw christmas decorations in "hardcore" countries such as Iran or Iraq, in this cities probably the goal is economic due to the number of...
  4. Re: "You're not a-foolin' me - there is no Sanity Clause ..."

    Fatwa against building a snowman is logic according to their religion but funny on how its not allowed for them have fun with snow, but against snowball fights i have a question: is it "legal" if you...
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    Re: Islamic State of Mind.

    Also the hate at the muslims i never understood. Definately different dogma, different way of lives, but from what i hear from friends, blogs and stuff like that, in europe there is a neutral idea...
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    Re: Islamic State of Mind.

    I'll start by saying that i didn't even heard that ISIS/L "movement", or i don't know how else to characterize this group, acted in Indonesia and also so pompously but that's probably the reason my...
  7. Re: Captured shermans or something else

    Deffinately it's surprising that the german army used so many abandoned vehicles(even in 1942) when they supposedly win the war.
    Nontheless it is very interesting(and very helpfull site)!
  8. Captured shermans or something else

    Browsing the internet, i got to wikipedia where i stumbled upon this photo:


    Now, the tank on the left is a Tiger, the one on the right a Nashorn tank destroyer, but for me the "mystery" is...
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    Re: Islamic State of Mind.

    RS, I'll stand to your point about the term terrorist. Firstly those guys are murderers of 12 innocent people and editors who simply do some work that looks insulting to the muslims only because...
  10. Re: British v. German uniform underwear and socks. Help needed for writing project.

    Lets agree with leccy that he has a point about the contraband and the photo. I would say a wallet, or generally something reminding him, his family or his "fatherland", say a coin, or maybe...
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    Re: Islamic State of Mind.

    After the attack on the offices at Charlie Hebdo another attack took place, again in Paris, after a gunman opened fire. If i recall correctly almost every year there was an incident like that,...
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    Re: Proudly made in France

    Τοο bad every article in this site is in portuguese!! Reminds me of an italian fighter the Re.2001 i think especially in profil looks. Mostly the fusalage and the tale!! Quick search many planes have...
  13. Re: Japanese "Fast-Captures", Master of Asia

    Definately i am outdated and most of those things i used to read, are forgotten, because of my current occupation. Thanks to this forum though we can find info fast and mostly accurate because of the...
  14. Re: Japanese "Fast-Captures", Master of Asia

    Thanks kilroy, by outdated equipment i suppose you mean tanks, radio and AT weapons. In the part of rifles and stuff if i recal right the marines were used springfields until the summer of 1942.
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    Re: The Japanese battlehorse

    The cross on some photographs isn't the Luftwaffe's, what is it ?
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    Re: A kamikaze bomb

    Was it used as a dive bomb, or it would i dont know, fly low and attack in the side of a ship? Because i dont think it had large range
  17. Japanese "Fast-Captures", Master of Asia

    Not sure if this post should be topic here or in general WW2, but in forums today calendar theres an event. This event is about Japanese forces becoming "masters" in Asia. Ι know that after Pearl...
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    Re: China Versus American Military?

    Following tankgeezer's example i will simply say, that even if this war could happen it would not be US-China war, it would be Nato-China war. Nuclear disaster, in matter of hours, in all over the...
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    In the history class of my faculty the teacher asked what Bernard Montgomery told to some paratroopers in the battle of El Alammein. I've searhed in many sites and books but found nothing. It would...
  20. Re: Marines in Europe in World War II ???

    Depositor , i think you post this in the wrong thread . I think you should post this in "Any battle in Europe is nothing Compared to Battle of the Coral Sea"
  21. Re: Marines in Europe in World War II ???

    thanks for that guys !!!
  22. Re: Marines in Europe in World War II ???

    Well in this foto , nothing is shown to understand that the landing troops are marines , but it was written beneath the foto , thats why i asked
  23. Re: Marines in Europe in World War II ???

    i asked because in the home page , there is a foto of a marine unit which is landing in omaha or in jutah .
  24. Marines in Europe in World War II ???

    Did any US Marine Forces fought in Europe ???
  25. Re: Tactics Books? (formerly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    yeah i know i did it by accident . i was writing an e-mail ot a friend and put the title here and i didn't know how to change it .
    cuts dont worry . i am not so stupid to visit turkey and so i want...
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