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    Was imperialism a cause for WW2?

    I need a topic sentence for one of my paragraphs in my history paper. This paragraph has to do with imperialism and how it was a cause for WW2
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    Do my ww2 navy photos have any value?

    i have about 120 ww2 royal canadian photos, they are stamped with the canadian seal on the back so theres no doub about it that they are real. Im always wondering if these have any value at all since...
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    Why are some WW2 photos/videos in COLOR?

    Colour photography had been available since the early 1900s, and colour movie film from at least as early as the 1930s.Agfa, a German company made both beginning before WW2.It was however far more...
  4. Who was the best Nazi/German general during WWII?

    I think it would be either Erwin Rommel or Fedor von Bock.
    Erwin Rommel because he was an amazing desert warfare general and almost stopped the Allies during the D-day invasion. Fedor because he...
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