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    Re: Warsaw Uprising

    Here is something that should interest you regarding the Warsaw uprising:

  2. Re: Thwarted plot to kill Stalin, Churchill & Roosevelt

    Well it depends on the code used .I assume that such important messages would be sent through Sigaba which was secure.However if they used their standard military strip ciphers then it could be...
  3. Poll: Re: Would the III/IV been better project than the Panther?

    Regarding tank prices most people have a wrong idea of the cost of a Panther tank :

    From ‘Kursk 1943: A Statistical Analysis’’ ,p61 - the price of the tanks without a gun and radio : Pz IV –...
  4. Re: Thwarted plot to kill Stalin, Churchill & Roosevelt

    The Abwehr, Germany’s military intelligence service, had learnt of the time and place of the conference the previous month, having deciphered the American naval code

    This sounds a bit off.First of...
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    Re: Radiostation "Rudiger" at Rosocha Hill

    Was he in Luftwaffe signals ? or signals intelligence?
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