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    Richard Graf von Schwerin

    Looking for any photos of and information about Gen. Lt. Richard von Schwerin (not Gerhard von Schwerin), commander of the 79th infanterie div. at Stalngrad. Thanks!
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    Metal detector finds

    This could go in the German Military forum, but it's also a metal detector find, so I wasn't sure where it should go. I have no comments except to ask opinions of fellow forum members about it's...
  3. Re: New WWII Film 'Fury' Features Last Working Tiger

    BTW, my turret was not blown by an airstrike.....
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    Re: Most spectacular battles

    Do you mean spectacular as in "visualy appealing", generically as in "epically awsome", or do you mean simply our favorites?
    I'm partial to the raid of the prison camp at Cabanatuan. Something...
  5. Re: Hitler's normal voice- Reason why he attacked SU

    I'm no linguist, but I am not convinced. Actually, I'm quite skeptical. Hitler was quite parranoid about being recorded, and unless it was previously hidden in the furniture or something, there's...
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    Help, not techno-saavy...

    I'm looking for photos of Otto Carius' first Tiger 1 and photos of 761st tnk. bt. France, late summer, '44. I'm sure there are some in the photo archives here, but how do I narrow my search? Or do...
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    Re: New here and I have a story for you.

    This tread seems to have gone astray, so.....
    I don't post often because I usually don't have anything to add. More often than not, I learn from this forum. I have MUCH more general knowlege of...
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    Re: New here and I have a story for you.

    What a blend of personalities! You guys KILL me! I love it here, my FAVORITE wwII forum!
  9. Re: Which would have been more effective the PanzerVIIVK 7201 or the E-100?

    ROFLMAO! You guys are a freekin' riot!
  10. Re: Grandparent's/Parent's Military Profession/Occupation During WW2

    SSG. Johm M. Fuller, ADSEC COMZONE G4 under General Ewart Plank passed away peacfully Monday, aged 87. Soldier, Architect, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather. Be at peace, you will be missed.
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