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    Re: SS War crimes

    Thank you very much, Leccy! There a lot of information.
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    SS War crimes

    Looking for information about SS war crimes against western allies. Especially about Wormhoudt, Le Paradis, Ardenne Abbey, Malmedy massacre.
  3. Re: Armament of Ukrainian Insurgent Army (1942-1951)

    In this photo they capture German Arado Ar.66.
  4. Re: Armament of Ukrainian Insurgent Army (1942-1951)

    Yes, I have one photo.Tank used in the assault of the polish small town Kupiczowie in December 1943.The tank attacked poles defending in town, supported by shooters from Ukrainian Insurgent Army. It...
  5. Re: Armament of Ukrainian Insurgent Army (1942-1951)

    Yes, they have one.The tank was built in 1943 near Kovel - in the military under the control of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army workshop tractor was steel-plated and equipped with two machine guns. Tank...
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