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  1. Re: Thwarted plot to kill Stalin, Churchill & Roosevelt

    My point about the Gran Sasso raid was that there are suicide missions (in which the participants will be do everything they can to fight their way out) and there are kamikazi missions. Judging by...
  2. Re: Thwarted plot to kill Stalin, Churchill & Roosevelt

    Returning to Long Jump, recall that because of apparent narrowly-foiled plot, Roosevelt was discouraged from making the commute between the US and Soviet compounds, and took a residence at the...
  3. Re: Thwarted plot to kill Stalin, Churchill & Roosevelt

    We both are correct, Truce. There undoubtedly would have been English speaking German soldiers - and I'd hazard a guess these were amongst the miserable success-rate - but a lot were merely taught...
  4. Re: Thwarted plot to kill Stalin, Churchill & Roosevelt

    Thinking further, I see Otto Skorzeny was in charge of Operation Long Jump: placed there by the Old Fellow because of his fame following the snatching of Mussolini from Campo Imperatore after he was...
  5. Re: Thwarted plot to kill Stalin, Churchill & Roosevelt

    That's true, Rising Sun. I still am inclined to quite believe that such a punk recruit was placed in charge of sensitive operations due to Stalin's mecurial nature... however, as I recall, the...
  6. Re: Thwarted plot to kill Stalin, Churchill & Roosevelt

    This assumes rationality on behalf of his superiors, and a supreme commander who hadn't purged a majority of his senior generals in 1937, and continued to do so after war with Germany started.
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    Re: Nazi's who went to Egypt after WW2

    Generally, I disagree with everything Robert Fisk writes - up to and including his usage of the word "the" - but credit where credit is due for a piece on Hans Eisle. Do a Google for "Robert Fisk:...
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    Re: winnie the pooh

    I think this is the wrong way around. I recall Milne named his sanguine creation after a bear at London Zoo (in turn named after Winnipeg by a Canadian Colonel) which enthralled his young son,...
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    Re: Major-General Jock Campbell

    Apologies for thread necromancy, but my interest in Maj-Gen Campbell is that I live in his birth-town of Thurso where a cliff-top pathway is named Victoria Walk after his achievements. It'll soon be...
  10. Re: looking for a pic of wwII Can soldiers with a bicycle rigged to a washing machi

    This sort of contraption has been common for decades. Just this... no... last year there were reports of a student engineering project patenting a new version.

    Without knowing the name of the...
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