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  1. Re: British v. German uniform underwear and socks. Help needed for writing project.


    More seriously, not underwear as such but clothing was rationed in UK and I expect other countries, and fashion took on a utilitarian look with few or none unnecessary features. The...
  2. German military using raiding canoes/kayaks in WW2?


    I have read in a few places that a MEK / K-Verband and also the Brandenburgers used kayaks. But I have not found any photos or detailed information on this. Anyone know?

    H I Sutton...
  3. Re: Odious, laughable WWII revisionism by Australian Prime Minister

    From my understanding they are not entirely without basis even if they are selective history. The memory of WW2 is no doubt bitter for many, but there were times when there was respect and admiration...
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    Re: Suggested captions ?

    Putin is saying "Abbott gave me the choice of the Vegemite Challenge or being 'shirt fronted' by a koala. I chose being crapped on by the marsupial because I do not approve of Chemical Weapons."
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    Sticky: Re: New members topic- Introduce yourself here:

    Hi all,

    I'm H I Sutton and I am a researchaholic. I find colourized images of WW2 fascinating and helpful (not kidding). I am researching and documenting naval special forces (broadest sense) and...
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    WW2 sneak craft quiz (midget subs etc)

    Hi, hope it's not rude of me to post a quiz right off the bat but this seems the obvious thing to do. It's an online multi-select here http://www.hisutton.com/ww2-midget-submarines-quiz-1.html
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