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  1. Replies

    Re: What's the worst job in war?

    Maybe not the worst jobs, but high on my list:

    Combat engineers, who had to construct something in heavy fire in front of the frontline, before the "brave" troops emerge from their secure...
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    Re: Wolf packs : a double edged sword?

    Well, wolf packs may have their weaknesses, but considering the alternative (one u-boat taking down just one or two ships from a huge convoy) I would still prefer them.

    Remember: Had Germany had...
  3. Poll: Re: Which Was The Best Dive Bomber During World War Ii

    Stuka gets my vote, mainly because of it's accuracy. Goods points about the "fearfactor", warfare is not always about the physical facts and performance.
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    Re: Your fav alternate history book

    I would have to say "The Man in the High Castle" by Philip K. ****.

  5. Re: What comes to your mind when you think in this countries?

    -Argentina: gauchos, large german areas, the southern tip of the country.

    -Brazil: cutting down jungles, beaches, drugs and gangs.

    -Chile: don't want to walk from norhern tip to sourthern one....
  6. Re: Georgia in Crisis: Major Fighting Erupts with Russia

    Russia loses again -- this time in Georgia --- Article by Frank Richter at freep

    Russia's invasion of Georgia came at a huge cost. The Russian causality rate was nearly 100 times the rate suffered...
  7. Re: Georgia in Crisis: Major Fighting Erupts with Russia

    Russian tanks continue to advance deeper into Georgia, as over 100 Russian armored vehicles is being amassed (2km away) against the second largest city Zugdidi (witnessed by Reuters staff...
  8. Re: Georgia in Crisis: Major Fighting Erupts with Russia

    On what planet do you live on, man?

    Here is just a small list of western reporters in South-Ossetia, in Georgia, and in Russia:...
  9. Re: Georgia in Crisis: Major Fighting Erupts with Russia

    Is the "Georgian officials" a reliable source?[/quote]

    No, but all the british, finnish, american, french, etc (reporters, etyj-people, citizens-in-area) are, especially when enough of them report...
  10. Re: Georgia in Crisis: Major Fighting Erupts with Russia


    Because it's a very slow-moving news-media.

    "BBC reporter in Gori reported that Russians tanks were in the...
  11. Re: Georgia in Crisis: Major Fighting Erupts with Russia

    Russian troops are heading towards Tbilisi!

    Several different sources in Gori (AP reporters, ETYJ members, AFP staff) report that they have watched Russian convoys with battle tanks heading...
  12. Re: Georgia in Crisis: Major Fighting Erupts with Russia

    Man, seriously, I love Russia (ask any of my friends), I think that Russia had/has the best authors and artists in the world. And the sense of nostalgia, mmm... :-)

    But I just cannot stand the...
  13. Re: Georgia in Crisis: Major Fighting Erupts with Russia

    Well, after years of ceaseless provoking, Russia finally got their conflict. Georgia managed to stay cool surprisingly long time, considering they week after week endured attacks by Russian-backed...
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    Re: WWII flash games

    Couple of WWII-related Java-games...

  15. Replies

    Re: Type 5 "Heavy Tank"

    Only slightly related, but... did Chinese have any (chinese) tanks/armored vehicles during World War II?

  16. Thread: Sad films

    by alephh

    Re: Sad films

    Takes the glory out of the war :-(

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    Why Americans love to think/build small?

    The world's tallest building is in Taipei. The largest publicly traded company is in Beijing. The biggest refinery is being constructed in India. The largest passenger airplane is built in Europe....
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    Re: Whose lives matter most?

    It's depressing that amount of news-coverage often equals to the number of died Americans/Europeans. Without them, there just isn't enough CONSUMERS who care.

    If couple of fat Western-world...
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    Re: Use of swastika before NSDAP takeover.

    A blue swastika was adopted as the insignia of the Finnish Air Force on 18 March 1918 (- 1945).


  20. Thread: Das Boot

    by alephh

    Poll: Re: Das Boot

    One of the best...

    I would like to see the 5-hour-version :-)

  21. Replies

    Re: Is historical revisionism wrong?

    That was a good speech (it should be posted on many sites/threads), I have nothing to add :-)

  22. Normandy invasion successful without Allied air superiority?

    Could Normandy invasion have been successful without total Allied air superiority?

    Germans lost a lot of men and material because of Allied aircrafts, and they limited the moving speed of german...
  23. Re: Morality in War: Did Nazi Atrocities Justify Harsh Allied Tactics

    IMO, the Allied Air Raids during the last months of the war were pretty useless (=not justified). As most of the German Army was captured or without supplies, it didn't make much sense to bomb the...
  24. Thread: The War in Iraq

    by alephh

    Poll: Re: The War in Iraq

    U.S. Soldiers Testify About War Crimes

    Dozens of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans publicly testified about crimes they committed during the course of battle - many of which were prompted by the...
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    Re: Was Rommel over-rated?

    Agree with above. :-)

    Anyone of us can take a shotgun and start to run around and shoot people - and make it to the headlines - but for heaven's sake, you're not gonna take over the world. Just a...
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