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  1. Re: Polish Carpathian Lancers Monte Cassino

    I found that I went through google,then images,when images showed up I moused down to the 13th row and there was an image of a soldier on the right hand side.Click on the image and it will open up...
  2. Re: Polish Carpathian Lancers Monte Cassino

    The thread... www.ww2incolour.com/forum/shorthread.php?3601-What-happend-on-this-day/page3
  3. Re: Polish Carpathian Lancers Monte Cassino

    Hi,the thread is captioned"What happened on this day!"....and is in 2007 archives....I can't quote the URL as I am on an IPad at the moment.Thanks.By the way is there a chance you can inform lancer...
  4. Polish Carpathian Lancers Monte Cassino

    Hi there everyone,I am new to this site and I was amazed when I was researching about the Polish Carpathian Lancers when I came across an old post from Lancer44!.....had posted a photo of his...
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