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  1. Re: Did US really devote only 15% of war effort to Pacific War?

    I didn't say they had all controll over them 2 yes it was very very expensive but compared to the Europe campaign it was little smaller 3 the last one I have no excuse
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    Re: Dunkirk

    I apologize for my incorrect historical facts it was late night and it was too late for me to edit it
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    Dunkirk was the basic point during the early stages of World War 2 that engulfed rage in the British Common Wealth. The great Winston Churchill himself made the choice to skip and leave the men at...
  4. Re: European Theater - What was the turning point?

    That was the turning point of the war in the sky but I would say the major turning point would be Stalingrad or D-Day
  5. The B-17s who helped on D-Day June 6, 1944

    It was June 6, 1944 early morning. The landing craft were already setting out when the GIs here bomber thundering over head. The bombers main mission was to destroy the German fortifications and...
  6. Re: Nimitz vs. MacArthur.... who was right?

    I will make this short Nimitz and McCarthur were amazing in their own fields McCarthur a nice land fighting man was amazing when t came to land strategy. Nimitz was amazing when it came to naval...
  7. Re: Did US really devote only 15% of war effort to Pacific War?

    The reason for this was due to at the moment the Navy had major control of the decisions made in the Pacific and the were leading and supplying the Marines with old U.S. Army weaponry which means the...
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