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  1. Looking for as many pics of WWII Para-Marines I can get

    Dad was a para-marine and I've already got 2 pics of him in South Pacific during combat but there were so few of these para's that the odds go up of me seeing more of him if the pics are para's only.
  2. Dad was a para-Marine in WWII Anyone know about these guys?

    He was trained at new river? Marine base I believe (waiting for National Archives for more detail).
    I received some photos and information about him (one of the pics is cover of Life magazine). ...
  3. Re: Time in combat for servicemen in the Pacific vs. Europe?

    My Dad was in 1st Mar Div WWII... Lot's of combat and much more hand to hand than the average U.S. Army. No offense to the Army. The Japanese were a different kind of enemy (more like today's...
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    Re: Black&White photos from World War 2

    I have some of my dad in WWII Marines.. will that work for you?
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