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    Re: Lee-Enfield sniper rifles - 1976 course at Aust's Infantry Centre

    The same team who taught the 'Marksmanship and Coaching course' to me and other senior NCO's was the same team that taught sniping. ...
  2. Re: If the Type-23 sub was introduced earlier could it of changed the out come of the

    For Royal Tiger,

    Could you perhaps learn to write could have, would have, please.

    And don't write 'I am bored of this post', either the correct grammar will be 'I am bored with .....' okay.
  3. Re: M1 carbine .30 was teh standard long-arm for SAS troopers late in WWII, could be

    carried on the person for the jump along with one's pistol. 1911 .45 Colt or a GP35.

    I've just begun reading a book about it.
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    This period 1943-44 is one of my 'galleries' tomorrow at AWM! Australian War Memorial

    ?I was selected this year for training to become a volunteer guide at the AWM, among 19, and we are about 3/4 through.

    The 1943-44 campaigns were the largest ever carried out by the Australian...
  5. Re: Australia Desert War Unit Pushed Back Rommel.

    DESERT RATS? that was the British 7th Armoured Division, and their vehicle insignia was a Jerboa!

    The 9th Australian Infantry Division, was named rats by Lord Haw-Haw when holding Tobruk for ten...
  6. Re: Mustang, vs. Corsair, vs. Hellcat - Which is best?

    here's some info about the P51 in RAF service. Quite a few of the packard-Merlin versions saw squadron service.

    It seems that many of the pilots preferred the Malcolm hood (like the Spitfire had...
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    3.7's at DUNKIRK!!!!! And as an A/T gun? DID Rommel 'invent' AT use for the 88?

    PDF posted
    re the British 3.7 inch AA

    "There were a LOT of these dug in around Dunkirk during the German attack... another reason the Panzers had to stop."

    1. NO! this is quite wrong!...
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    Relatives? in WWII?

    My father served as the Medical Sergeant in 3 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force, in Nothe Africa and the Middle East. He had also served as a volunteer gunner in the militia (volunteers and...
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