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February 21, 1957 (62)
About Shari D CST
A 61 year old wife for 42 years and counting! Also, a mother and grandmother of (almost - any day now!) Seven grandchildren, and two grown children. I am a disabled former Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) with 15+ years in those "trenches!" I thoroughly enjoyed my work, did it well, and even did it as a Traveler, working through an agency which offered me short term contracts at various facilities needing help filling in open positions temporarily. I was devastated to lose my ability to continue it due to a semi-disabling work injury, and other physical ailments which came along even before that.
I grew up in a heavily populated area encompassing all five branches of the military, and had ambitions of my own of joining the Air Force for a career, but in spite of the many things I had going for me - AFJROTC in high school, through which I advanced rapidly as the first female student in that Corps to do several things of note; acing the ASVABs; Corps instructor recommendations, passing all areas of the physical at MEPS - except one little detail - the vision test! I was 1/2 a diopter over the limit, which at the time they provided no waiver! A simple -5.5, when the limit was a -5.0 was enough to take all the rest and toss it into the trash can. They did, to their credit, send me to a civilian ophthalmologist that same day, to see if he could get a better reading, but it was a no-go. It's not like I even wanted to be a pilot! I was more interested in a medical career, specifically in surgery, but they couldn't/wouldn't guarantee that. In any case, I got sent home on a Greyhound bus, rather than joining my group of other female enlistees (over which I would have been in charge, given my JROTC training, giving me one stripe on my sleeve going in) on a flight to Lackland AFB. I spent a whole week in a fog of tears, since this had been what I had planned and counted on since 8th grade. But, I gradually gathered myself together, and over time, I got a few jobs, and started dating some young Airmen from the Air Force Base which was practically in my backyard. (And, "dating" then did NOT mean the same things it seems to these days!) Over a short period of time, it seems I was guided to the young man I was destined to marry, and did almost 42 years ago! We have a grown daughter and son and I made my own opportunity while our kids were in middle school, to become a Surgical Technologist, and do what I had wanted to all along.
My interest in WWII came from several aspects. Firstly, I was introduced to the music of the times, and my family history of military service intrigued me also. My fourth cousin is Baron Manfred von Richtofen, or, as more commonly known to readers of the Snoopy and Charlie Brown comics as The Red Baron! His mother is my Great, great, great aunt through my grandmother on my mother's side. I also had a grandfather - mother's father - who fought in WWII as an Army officer on General Patton's staff; my father fought in Korea, and stepfather was an Army MP at Alamagordo, New Mexico at the end of the War in 1945. He had been in high school, through most of the War, and too young to join earlier. He served as he was needed, however, and with his Honorary Discharge in 1946, and the G.I. Bill, went through the four year Apprentice School program at Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., to become a piping systems designer on submarines, coming in right on time to be involved in the first nuclear powered submarine designs. He is responsible for designing the first closed-loop fresh water coolant systems for the reactor, when others were having so many issues with the open-loop seawater coolant system.
1920-30's bungalows, pre/postwar homes, apartments; Jewelry; music, reading, cooking.
Former Certified Surgical Technologist-- Now Disabled


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