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Conversation Between aly j and Ardee

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  1. AH! Just checked your page and saw "RS" = Rising Sun, thanks to Major Walter Schmidt. No, I haven't been visiting this part of the forum as much as I visit the photo section/forum/gallery. I have a hobby of collecting "combat" photos from various nations, so that's were I keep an eye to see if anything "interesting" get posted. I went and did some checking and found the problem you are/were having with RS. And I guess you were talking about him trying to make others hate you? I'm sorry to learn about that; I really hadn't been aware of it at all. When I saw your comment about a member trying to get others to hate your guts, I mistook the way you were using "your."

    "stevey" is an unpleasant person who visits the photo section all too regularly, making pro-Nazi and racist posts. He doesn't like it when I correct some his more outrageous posts, and he has "attacked" me in his posts very frequently and for a long time. He's not very good at that sort of thing though, so he winds up making a fool of himself time after time. But he just keeps coming back and being nasty anyway.

    So, that's what I thought you meant. I was familiar with my "tiffle" but not yours, so I misread your post. Or -- maybe I just like to think everything is all about ME! I guess you'll just have to make up your own mind about that!

    Anyway, I enjoyed helping you with your avatar, and I hope you and RS reach an understanding!
  2. Hi aly j,

    You should be able to get the images now (see the PM if you haven't already).

    >> Had a tiffle with RS, Bit upset right now when a member is trying to get other members to hate youre guts. <<

    I'm not sure who/what "RS" is, but I guess you're talking about "stevey" with the member trying to get others to hate my guts? I don't know if you're talking about the public posts he's made, or something that's private, but it's nothing to get upset about. stevey is full of impotent hate: his posts reveal his character as well as his general ignorance. He won't be able to sway the opinion of anyone who could possibly matter. You have to respect someone for their opinion to count, and nobody with sense or maturity will respect stevey after being exposed to him very long. All he really can achieve is making the majority of folks despise him, and he's far too foolish to see that.

    Besides, one measure of a man is the enemies he makes: stevey isn't much so far as enemies (or anything else, really) go, but the ignorance and hate he embodies is. That's worth fighting: there's enough stupidity, ignorance and hate in the world without having it added to.
  3. Hi aly j ... if you sent the image, it hasn't arrived yet. I also checked my SPAM filter, just in case....
  4. Hi aly j,

    It's typically pretty easy to reduce an image in size. If you can tell me what graphics software you have, a might be able to walk you through it. But it might be easier to just send me the image? If it's on-line somewhere, you can send me the url (click the "Go Advanced" button below this dialog box, and one of the incons that subsequently appears allows you to insert images -- or you can just send me the address). Or if that doesn't work, send me a PM and I can give you an e-mail address to send the image to....
  5. Hi aly j, I had stopped by Herman2's page, and saw you were having trouble with creating an avatar? I might be able to help if I know what the problem is... If you are trying to reduce an image in size, what do you have in the way of software, and by how much do you want to reduce it?
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