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Conversation Between navyson and Comrade Commisar

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  1. I'm a sergeant now!!
  2. March on comrade!!!! March on!! NOTE:Are you going to get mercs 2?
  3. Yes, it was very informative. Hopefully you'll get good posts from other members.
  4. Thanks, They took me along time sorry about no photos. Did you read all of it?
  5. Yes, I have been viewing your new threads. They're pretty good. Especially about the wunderwaffen.
  6. Yes comrade Ihope you make threades that are just as interesting as mine you should check my threads called Strange vehicles of pre-war germany & the third reich,Wunderwaffen,Unusual german small arms and infantry weapons of world war ii and Nazi Secret Base? Neu Schwabenland!
  7. Welcome comrade, looks like you joined up around the same time I did. This has been a very informative site. The forums have been very interesting reading. Enjoy!
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