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Conversation Between navyson and boxerrick41

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  1. wow beat me to it. Did you make it through, brother? the news scares the hell out of us anymore, i about hate to watch
  2. hey, bro
    hows things in texas?, looks like my bad weather has blown over. I almost went to jail for fighting with some in laws from out of town, it ballooned out of proportion till the law got involved but right is right and i won, thank god
  3. Sorry to hear that rick, take care.
  4. Hey! The cottons blooming? right now. Saw some fields along the highway between SA and Austin. I helped frame a house several years ago and dried in the roof. I got so baked from the sun I looked like someone from south of the border.
  5. yea, when i was there, i volunteered to hoe some cotton with my brothers' brother in laws, they couldnt believe i could keep up, they said " damn, rick, you sure you aint part mexican ? most of you white guys cant take the heat like you can. it was hot but i worked on tile roofs in florida so was used to it i guess
  6. Yeah, the place where I'm working is feeling the housing pinch. They're squeezing us real bad trying to get prices down. Our prices are already low being so near the border of an unnamed country.
  7. Hi rick! Going okay down here. I've heard of Cameron but would have to look at a map. It's been too frickin hot over here. But yes I do like TX. I Think the only other city than SA I would want to live in would be San Diego. We took my dad out there to see where he was stationed in ww2 and just loved it!
  8. Hey, Bud,
    hows things in texas? I have a brother that lives in Cameron, i havent been there in a while. i liked it though,i had a blast in San Antonio .told my wife if i lived anywhere but here it would be texas or tennesee. i been having to go out of town to work, so havent been on much. its getting harder for the little man in this business
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