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Conversation Between navyson and Churchill

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  1. Everything is better, thanks for asking. The only problem is the fallen branches/logs haven't been picked up yet, so everybody's lawn is going to be yellow... They're really slow...<.<
  2. Hey, how's it going over there? Things getting back to normal in Houston? News reports have pretty much fallen off the earth after the initial aftermath of Ike. Same old same old over here in S.A. TTYL
  3. Thanks! Just hope another one doesn't come too soon!!!
  4. Glad to hear ya'll are doing alright!
  5. Nothing is too bad. We had a ten inch branch fall from one of the trees and onto our yard. Nothing was damaged, but it was a hell of a thing to get rid of. As for power, everything is ok in the street. We got it back two days ago, and it is still flowing for now. Food and water aren't really too much of a problem; we have tonnes of stuff in our freezer. All in all, everything is ok(for now ). Hope things go well for you too.
  6. Hey churchill! I live in san antonio! We came away with about an inch of rain compared to predictions (6" rain, high winds, possible tornadoes). The hurricane headed north when getting towards landfall instead of its original course (bringing it towards us). How are ya'll doing? I heard electrical power is still out for a majority of the area. And problems with food and water availability. Hopefully everythings okay in your area.
  7. Hey Navyson1. How is your familly and yourself? I see from the others that you must have been hit by Ike. We were hit too,(lol, I really live in The Woodlands, north of Houston) just not as much. Anyway, I hope everything goes well for you guys.
  8. Relatively new here, trying to make friends. thanks for befriending me. Look forward to posting with you.
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