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Conversation Between navyson and D502

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  1. Hi Melanie! Nice scrapbook collection! Were you able to find all those or did you inherit them? I saw also the picture of you and the cutlet thief!
  2. One is "shadow", one is "buster" and we picked up another, named "tobi". It looks like a little furry log.
  3. LOL, that’s funny, your dogs are real banterers

    Oops, I’m sorry, used the Germanised abbreviation *gg* <--- means as much as “grand grin from ear to ear”

    The name of my dog isn’t *gg* He is called “Viktor vom Kuckelsbusch” and he not only filches sausages, he also looks like a sausage.
  4. "gg" is that the dogs name? We have two mutts (look like small black labrador retrievers). Anyway, I was making three sausages for supper, turn around in kitchen to do something, turn back around and only two sausages. How one of the little dogs managed to reach top of counter without making noise and leave with a sausage while I'm a couple feet away was surprising. (Very clandestine)
  5. *gg* it's a cutlet
  6. Ha-ha! Is that your dog stealing a sandwich on your profile pic? Very funny!
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