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Conversation Between herman2 and aly j

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  1. Herman2, if i ask for the mods help ,they might get pissed off at me for anoying them.
    I was nearley there but it said that my pic is too large to fit. How do i make the pic smaller?
  2. Herman,How do i get an Avatar too replace the question mark.
    All i know is you go to User cp and go too edit avatar but where do i find the ww2 pitures from? cheers.
  3. Theres a message there ,but maybe you where talking too some one else.
    Hes very dominate, Thats all right ,i just keep out of his way.Did he really think that aly j [me] was you?At first i thought he was just saying it too piss me off. Cheers
  4. Herman I dont understand what you are saying.
  5. All is good........Im try too sharpen up my typing in the furture.
  6. I would be honoured to have you as a friend. Thank You for the invitation!...I will be sure to be extra nice to you in future. Sorry if I had stepped on your toes earlier..I was just trying to be funny
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