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Conversation Between Ardee and herman2

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  1. His problem? Hoo-boy, that would be a discussion! I said below I can pound stuff out pretty fast, but that would take far too long for my liking. I think his immediate trigger was another thread in which he made a fool of himself again -- I had pointed out to him the consequences of his own logic, and he didn't much care for it. The thread has since been removed -- I suspect stevey's crude language was a factor, but the image also had nothing to do with WW2. Anyway, like I said: thanks!
  2. Ya, I know, like waz his problem, my god...I was surprised you'd see that comment
  3. Hi Herman2 -- and thanks for the support: "If You have anything to say about WW2 and plan to post your views on this website, make sure Stevey the Nazi has your approval."
  4. Do you mean my post about What if Hitler had been different? That was a bit of humor I got caught in: imaging Hitler had become a hippie! At least he had the "drug" part down.... Anyway, I do a specialized form of writing for a living, so I can probably pound this stuff out faster than most!
  5. Hey Ardee, where do you get the time to write such long comprehensive blogs?...You have great depth to everything in ww2...luv reading your essays!...See you next week
  6. Youve been funny since I met you in previous posts a mth ago....I like your wit.Keep it up!..
  7. Hi Herman, sent you the friend request thing -- thanks for asking! Was it my witty repartee in the Hun thread, etc. that made you ask?
  8. The Herman Meister wishes to extend a friendship request to Ardee. If this is congenial, pls reciprocate. thx.
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