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Conversation Between Major Walter Schmidt and aly j

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  1. RS=Rising Sun
  2. How can i stop herman from sucking up?
    Why does Herman get picked on?
    Did you think Herman was me [aly j]? .Why did R/S Think Herman was being me [aly j]?
    Are you an officer? Sorry for all the questions. cheers
  3. the sucking up, you should stop herman.
  4. Hermann used to be the troll in town, and RS forgot that Hrman changed...
  5. Major, oh ok i will watch out for Panernacker
  6. Major,im just a bit parinord these days......I should lighten up are bit.
    How do i put a cartoon picture on my proflie?
  7. Panzerknacker gets picked on for bieng too educated...
    And throwing insults, posting porn etc...
  8. R u planing too pick on me are you
  9. Immature.. Yes but they are funto poke sticks at
  10. I am aly j? Can i be youre friend
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