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Conversation Between RifleMan20 and Uyraell

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  1. Unpacked it, played, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I found it very enjoyable. It is a style I have long sought, because I wanted something that didn't get complex, and that looked good.
    You have done what I don't have the skills to do, my friend, and I Sincerely Thank you for sharing your work with me.
    Warm Regards, and Blessed Be, Rifleman20, Uyraell.
  2. Thank you, My friend
    I intend to
    Regards, Uyraell.
  3. Sounds good my friend, have fun.
  4. Many Thanks, RifleMan20, downloading now.
    I'll report back on how it works out :-).
    Warm Regards, Uyraell.
  5. I Gladly accept Your kind Friendship, RifleMan20 :-)
    The era of this forum has always interested me, mainly because I knew so many who had lived it.
    Warm respects and Blessed Be,
  6. Hey Uyraell, already you have been an amazing addition to this site and for so, I would like to ask for your friendship.
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