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Conversation Between Librarian and Uyraell

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  1. Many warm wishes for your continued health and prosperity also, my friend :-).
    If there's one thing the last few decades have taught me, it's that those of us who remain have a duty, certainly moral and ethical, to those who went before. Does this necessarily include politics? - In my view, not always, but: it does include the obligation to remember, and relay those memories forward, however unpleasant said memories may at times be. I taught my son that, and tend to practise it, myself.
    Blessed Be, Pedrag,
    Sincerely, Mark Pailthorpe - Uyraell.
  2. Dear Mr. Uyraell,

    I am accepting with pleasure your generous and truly kind offer. I shall feel happy to learn that my modest abilities have succeeded in inspiring you with confidence and interest.

    May this day be the beginning of a long, happy and prosperous cooperation for both of us. A warm welcome to you, and best wishes for your health and prosperity.

    Sincerely yours,

    Predrag popovic - Librarian
  3. Well Met Sir ! A distinct pleasure.
    Regards, Uyraell.
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