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Conversation Between Librarian and George Eller

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  1. Dear Honored Librarian,

    Thank you sir. I am honored to have you as my friend.

    I will relay your message to our board of moderators per your request.

    As always, it is a pleasure to hear from you. And I wish you much success in your duties with the civil authorities regarding your elections.

    We look forward to seeing you again at the forum.

    All the Best,

  2. Dear Sir,

    I was wery happily surprised when I came to my office this evening and found your prominent letter awaiting me. I not only appreciate your kind offer, but also the gentleness you expressed so benevolently. It is a great pleasure to know that distinguished members of the WW 2 in Colors Board feel so kindly towards me.

    I am accepting your kind invitation with much gratification.

    In the very same time I shall be very much obliged if you will tell the other distinguished members of the Board of Moderators that I was forced to temporarily suspend my Forum activity due to my unalterable obligations connected with active membership within the Sentian Board of Civil Authority – unfortunately, I was indebted to count ballots in Serbia's recent parliamentary, regional and municipal elections, within my own election district. And if you think, my dear Mr. Eller, that the US Electoral College apportionment is sufficiently confusing, I am assuring you that you haven’t seen a real nightmare: our own regional elections which has a truly unique combination of a so called party column ballot, and office-block balloting, with a multiple-choice ballots – a ballot form that requires office to be voted on separately! Believe me, I have worked like a horse 29 hours without catching even a single minute of a catnap. Our special guests from OSCE/ODIHR, Mr. Patrick Davis and Mr. Robert Brandstetter (Election Observation Mission) were flabbergasted.

    Well, that’s all for now. Very soon I will be here with you again. After all - I still do owe certain correct answers to Mr. Pdf 27 connected with the covert qualities of the Fletcher class destroyers – indeed the very best vessels within their own category.

    In the meantime, my dear Mr. Eller, as always – all the best!

    Predrag Popovic - Librarian
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