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Conversation Between George Eller and boxerrick41

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  1. Good luck to you Rick. Hope everything will work out.

    All the Best,

  2. -

    Good evening Rick
    thanks for stopping by

  3. good morning, george
    just wanted to say hello, and reading some of your posts
  4. hi, george. yes, its a good thing for the both that they found something else to do, or we might not be here.the old man already had a bunch of kids( theres 7 of us) and i nknow thats where his heart was.same as me, i didnt have kids when i went to iraq, but now i might not be so eager to risk my life
  5. yes, george, my dad was on the same kearsarge, and he briefly was deployed from the bon homme richard also. he served from 1950-1963, he left the service i think he was scared they wanted to make him an advisor or sog in nam, and he wanted no part in it. he was a little disapointed in me joining the army instead of the navy, but the ocean's too big for me. see ya and god bless, rick
  6. hi, george, sorry so long, im finally up and running. my father was a sailor also, he was a udt, i know that was also once stationed on the Kearsarge
  7. im real new to all this and have been gone a lil while but love to converse on the subject
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