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  1. Hi,
    Many thanks for your reply. I must buy the book myself now to prove to my friends things they never knew about Cents!.
    I think that because the engines were so reliable, (they were made by Rolls Royce), and had been proven in Spitfires, the designers only envisaged major repairs been carried out at very long intervals. This was generally the case, but of course sometimes they broke down "in the field", and thats when we, the mechanics, started work!!
  2. Hi,
    My name is Harry, and I am very new to this site.
    I am writing to you about a thumbnail you posted on the12-01-2007, under the heading " is this epigraph true", which showed a Centurion undergoing an engine change.
    Having done several of those changes myself, I was interested in where such a picture came from, as the method being used was one I have not seen before.
    In answer to your question about the time taken for such an engine change, I have known them to take up to three days, (and nights), when everything went wrong!
    The normal time used to be about 24 hours from beginning to end, using a method were the engine came out horizontal, but a far faster way was to "tilt" the engine into a vertical position , and lift it that way. This later method meant that far fewer components had to be removed from the engine bay, so cutting the time down to about 10-12 hours.

    Hope you do not think this forward of me , but I would have asked sooner if I had known this site existed!

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