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Conversation Between boxerrick41 and Ardee

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  1. Thanks Rick, and I'll put in my two-cents worth to higher-ups for you!
  2. hi bro
    i am so happy to hear about your mom, praise Jesus!!! I myself have been having marital troubles, but i think we are gonna make it. love does conquer all. im trying to upload some new pics but i have to resize them again first. No, im a concrete finisher and do remodeling, home improvements. Micheal ( flamethrowerguy) is in corrections.
    i am glad to hear good news, and i will continue to pray for your family

    Love always' Rick
  3. Hi Rick, just got a message about being friends -- I'd thought we'd already done that! Like I said, these days.... Anyway, I accepted. The health situation we've discussed -- the treatments are now over, and she's doing well, but nothing will be sure for another couple of months. Thanks for your words to those in high places....
  4. Hi Boxer! I hear you've been having to do some traveling for work in construction. But I thought you worked in corrections? I get confused easily these days! Hope all is going well. Ardee.
  5. hey welcome back, im a little late but im a little slow too LOL
  6. Hey Boxer, hope all is alright. Been going through some of life-changing stuff myself. Best of Luck to you!
  7. hi, ardee, it took me about a month of experimenting before i could get around in here, its better way to find about about some of us, where we come from, etc. makes the conversations better to me
    see ya, rick
  8. hey, you're one the good educated minds on this site.ive learned a lot and glad guys like you are in here, see ya, rick
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