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Conversation Between Schuultz and Uyraell

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  1. Many apologies for my extended absence, my friend.
    Computer issues with both operating system and modem have rendered me offline for quite a long while, since solving said issues is a financial matter.
    Warm Regards to you, and please pass to our mutual friends my Warm Regards also;

    Blessed Be Schuultz, my friend, Uyraell.
  2. Your reference in the Allied/Russian thread, on WW1 veterans.
    For your eyes, at the moment (I haven't decided to post this publicly).
    I met a genuine Gallipoli veteran, and in fact a later teacher of mine had during WW2 walked the exact same piece of ground at Gallipoli that the veteran and stood upon, in WW1.

    Warm Regards my friend, Uyraell.
  3. Grand Uncle's Awards.
    An Honour and a Pleasure to see those, my friend.
    Warm Regards, Uryaell.
  4. My Friend: I do agree with much of your post.
    Fact was, I have felt people blamed one side or the other, Arab, Jew. True culprits were Britain,France.
    That fact seems for 60 years at least (though closer to 80 years, in my view) to have been studiously ignored.
    Redressing that ignorance was the intent in my post, and I write here, to keep My written word re: one post in that thread.
    Deep, and Warm Regards, Uyraell.
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