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Conversation Between Nickdfresh and Uyraell

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  1. Thank you, Nick, for your warm welcome.

    I've just been reading your Post #89 on the German SS uniforms thread, where My-Lai (in my day written as Mei-Lai) was mentioned.

    This bit, for your eyes only, My Friend: the "special forces" veteran friend I spoke of elsewhere said this of Mei-Lai:

    "You got to remember, those boys had been out on two patrols without downtime, and Calley himself was of the mindset where any bodycount was justifiable, once the tunnels and caches were found in the village. Calley himself believed there was an implicit "instruction" to kill any VC/insurgent or suspected. He also believed High Command wanted results without worrying over much as to how they were achieved.
    In short, combat stress, and lack of judgement led to feelings of being abandoned by chain of command, and the villagers - innocent or not - became the ones the resentment was taken out on.
    Make no mistake, the guy did wrong, bigtime, but you got to remember: his own Army stopped him, and his own higher command did basically abandon him. He ****ed up."

    I didn't want to put this info on the Vietnam thread, because I regard Mei-Lai/My-Lai as tangential.
    Seeing what you'd put in your post #89 on the SS outfit thread, made me think to tell you though.

    As to make the forum more interesting, I try to share what knowledge I have, though I admit by modern standards that info is a bit dated.

    Cheers, My Friend, and Warm Regards, Uyraell.
  2. Reason for friendship request : You and I do seem to have a goodly amount of common interest in some topics.
    I'd welcome another friendship here on this forum, which I genuinely enjoy.
    Regards, and Blessed be Nickdfresh, Uyraell.
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