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Conversation Between navyson and Ardee

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  1. Hi Navyson. Just responding to your post in the thread about WWI reparations. I'm doing fine, and have been spending (too much) time in the photo section. Thanks for asking. Still working in construction? Hope all's going well....
  2. And would going be good (work!) or bad (travel!)? No need to answer...but good luck with it all.
  3. Hi Ardee,
    No, we weren't affected by Hurricane Ike. Initially the path of the hurricane would have put it towards San Antonio, but closer it got to land it started angling toward north TX. So when it hit, it hit towards Houston and upward. We got about an inch of rain and high winds. (fortunate compared to what was predicted). As for work, we (the crew too) may yet end up going down there to check out the situation. Our boss is going to check it out first to see if it's worth time to go...
  4. Where you impacted by Ike? My sister, outside of Houston, was without power for 20 days...fun, fun, fun (well, at least for the kids....)! If your area was hit, I would think that might be giving you some of your work...?
  5. Hey Ardee! No, Fortunately I don't have to visit each job every day. (already do enough driving) Yeah, I live in San Antonio, and the Riverwalk is here in town (downtown actually). Here in November, they're going to light up the Christmas lights that adorn the trees above the river. That's always a beautiful time of year downtown. Kind of like the leaves changing color in the eastern states.
  6. Hi Navyson, I thought I'd answered already, but...glad you're back to work. I have a brother-in-law who is in construction (don't ask me for the details) down near Houston. I went to San Antonio once - to see the Alamo. I had just closed for the day when I arrived.... I take it that that's where you hail from? I did enjoy the Riverwalk -- or is that in another city? It was some time ago. Anyway - 3 jobs - I hope you don't have to visit each site every day!
  7. Hi Ardee! What's up? I've finally got back to work. Work was extremely slow for the last 3-4 weeks (hence the activity online). But, I'm on two jobs now and have two more coming up in the next two weeks. All of them are out of town, blehh! Two are in Austin which is about an hour from San Antonio, and the others are about thirty minutes from home. But with construction being slow right now, you've got to take what you get. Boxerrick is in the same situation as me regarding work too.
  8. Hi naveyson, watsup?
  9. Thanks for the befriending ardee! If I can help out with stevey let me know Although you're much more eloquent than I am!
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