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Conversation Between Churchill and Uyraell

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  1. Me too.
    And if you choose to have it that way, its your choice after all!
    I always read that a rifled barrel put a curve on the munition so that it would go further with greater accuracy, so it seemed like a good comparison to me.
  2. Have to admit, the Leclerc is a damn fine tank.
    But I was not going to choose it, mainly because I regard it as essentially a Leopard2 A3 in a different coat.
    I think the Brits may be right about the value of the HESH round, which is why the have rifled main guns were everyone else has basically gone the smoothbore route.

    Regards, Uyraell.
  3. Hehehe, it was about time I got a proper sig.
  4. Great signature, my friend
    I Like it a lot. Very much the old man as I remember him, shortly before his death in 1965.
    I was a little less than 2 at the time, but recall seeing pictures of him as your sig shows.
    Warm Regards, Uyraell.
  5. I can see why you did.
  6. It is, interesting. Been part of it for years.
    Which is in part why I made the request I did on the other site.
    Warmly, Regards and Blessed Be, Uyraell.
  7. Really, sounds interesting.
  8. "Realm" is a loosely collective term for T/those who partake of the Lifestyle I allude to on My page on FB.
    Basically is BDSM though there can be other elements such as Gorean Ways, etc.
    That's really as much as I feel at ease to say here, on this site.

    Warm Regards and,
    Blessed Be Churchill, my friend, Uyraell.
  9. Realm, what is that? It sounds familiar...
  10. You were right to take seriously. `Tis just I was showing you an element or two that did have a smile value.
    Of the friends you see on My FB page, a goodly portion are Realm.
    Blessed Be, Uyraell.
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