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Conversation Between boxerrick41 and aly j

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  1. Really,wow.........god i could be related to youre wife.
    I do have a bad temper,most time im sweet but yes i can get nastey.cheers
  2. you and my wife look like you could be sisters, these guys better watch out if you have her temper :-)
  3. I think we dont look educated cause they type so professional and makes us look like we arnt educated which we are [the standed way]...I think these guys must study ww2 every day but thats good ...i learn something every day.
  4. sometimes i dont sound too educated also, maybe that why they get on ME
  5. yes, these guys are merciless sometimes, LOL. they like to give me a hard time too, maybe because i deserve it sometimes too. i sometimes am too much of a preacher for some people
  6. Yes i learnt a bit here too.....Im liking it here
    Yes i know...had some men picking on my typing.
    As you can see, im not educated like the you guys are.
    So how long have you been interested in ww2
  7. ive learned a lot since i been here, really cool people too, mostly. we have some meanies here, but they ARE immature
  8. Well can i be youre friend
  9. if you like, love to make new friends, ( im a people person :-) )
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