View Full Version : Monument weapons, Old Knoxville.

05-31-2009, 07:40 PM
I went for a visit to the old part of the city, and found these fine old guns in front of the Courthouse. not sure of the maker, as there were no discernible markings, may have been painted over. Kind of look like Dahlgren guns. Bore is about 8-10 inch.
would make a fine noise to wake the neighbors on Sunday Morn.....

06-20-2009, 10:43 AM
I visited Bleak House, in old Knoxville,(Now called Confederate Memorial Hall, and is a museum to the Confederacy) it was the Head Quarters of Confederate Gen. Longstreet. In front is a bronze cannon from the time of the siege, (the carriage is not original) The gun is marked, R trunnion. C.A.&Co. Boston. L trunnion, Date of 1861. Cascabel reinforce ring has the serial No. 118. Note the threaded vent well, this allowed for easy replacement of vents, or other types of ignition systems.
The house had a tower from which sharpshooters plied their trade,(Union General Sanders was killed by one of these snipers) and there are numerous bullet holes in the building showing that their opposites were fair shots as well. It is reported that between one, and three tower men were killed by Union counter fire from across the Tennessee River. There was also a chain cable stretched across the river from Bleak House to deny access to the pontoon bridge farther East of the house. It was dredged up during a cleaning of the silty river bottom, and put on display at Bleak House. The anchor appears to be a section of train track.