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12-23-2008, 06:32 AM
The 'Library of the 20th Century' pulps printed in colour, hard and soft cover, editions during the 70's, provide some excellent resources into events that shaped the interwar years and led to the second world war.

Once again, knowlegeable authors paired with outstanding editors and art staff provide an edifying and highly entertaining look at some often ignored topics.

20 titles, more or less, printed in the US and UK - fairly hard to come by.

Salamander Books and Prentice Hall (new york)published "Illustrated Guides to" a number of topics (Arco Military Books) relating to WW2 and more modern subjects. Well-illustrated, accurate and fairly literate studies of armor, aircraft, weapons.

There was a pulp series published the the late 70's on Vietnam (An Illustrated History), not comparable in quality or scholarship with these others. In fact it may have been drug-induced.