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mike M.
10-09-2008, 02:22 PM
Thought I would start a thread for you guys and dudettes to show your WWI militaria. I will start with a complete named WWI footlocker that belonged to a 5TH MG 2Div Soldier.

WWI foot locker, uniform, etc named to Corporal Dewey M. Parrott, 5th MG BN. 2nd Div. A.E.F. Parrott came from Pierpont, South Dakota and was originally in Co. L, 4th South Dakota Infantry with which he served on the mexican Border. He entered Federal Service in 1917 with the fourth S.D. Infantry, NG., almost immediatley after the regiments return from seven months of Mexican Border Service. In sept. 1917, the regiment entrained for camp greene, N.C. Co. L was redesignated as part of the 148th MG Bn. It became part of the 41st "Sunset" Division.

Evidently Corporal parrott was transferred out of the 41st and into the 2nd Div. regular Army which was formed from units already in france in 1917. Parrott served in Hqs. Company, 5th MGBN, which was attached to the regular Army 3rd Infantry Brigade, composed of the 9th and 23rd Infantry. Parrott served with the 2nd Division for the remainder of the war --DEFENSIVE SECTOR, AISNE, AISNE-MARNE, ST. MIHIEL, MEUSEARGONNE. The 5th MGBN was decorated by the Frenchwith the Croix-de-Guerre, as a unit, with two palms, which entitled the unit to wear the green and red fourragere on the left shoulder. The palms indicate that the unit was mentioned twice in orders of the Army, that is to say, cited in orders. About 45 units were so cited in the entire A.E.F. and 31of these were from 2nd Div." Dewey came to win the Silver Star for Blanc mont. But have not found out why.