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08-29-2008, 02:27 PM
Hello folks!

Just a small teaser for all of you who like this "old fat lady"´- an ANTONOV AN 2 (NATO-Code "COLT") with markings of the former east german DDR-Luftwaffe (GDR-Airforce). Seen at a small airshow last week in the city I live in. The starting of the radial engine was very impressing, beside the fact that this is the biggest single-engined biplane of all time .... the russians sometimes have the tendency to make things a bit bigger. :mrgreen:

As far as I know, the first planes flew in 1944, so it might fit in here.


10-03-2008, 06:18 AM
While browsing my old photo-books, I even found more pics from vital AN-2s (NATO-CODE: "COLT"). You see, there are still some around here of these old fat ladies. :D

The yellow one can be found in a small but fine museum in the town of Hannover (near to a restored 8,8 FLAK and a beautyful Bf 109G).

The one below with the civil parachutists in front of was shot at the "ILA" (International Airshow Display) in Hannover in 1991. The biggest german airshow now takes place in Berlin. As a kid, I visited it every year. Interesting: The aircraft has still it`s old DDR-markings (DDR-code and flag on tail-fin, DDR for "German Democratic Republic or Deutsche Demokratische Republik"). As you might know, the eastern and western parts of Germany reunited in 1989-1990.

I did not put up these photos in the photo-section since they are not really related to a WW2-topic. Anyway, maybe someone enjoys them. ;)