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Rising Sun*
11-16-2007, 04:18 AM
Background is that Geelong won this year's AFL day football premiership.

Gay Geelong tattoo blunder fix up offered

Lauren Pike


Help is at hand for a man who drank 15 beers while getting ``Gay Premiers'' tattooed on his arm.

A GEELONG tattoo artist has come to the rescue of a Thailand tattoo victim offering to fix the blunder which recognised the Cats as ``Gay Premiers''.

A man revealed on Tuesday how a Thai tattooist took his request literally, writing the words ``right arm'' and ``left arm'' on the corresponding body parts, just as he had done on a piece of paper with instructions of what he wanted.

The tattooist showed Neville the finished product but he said he only looked at the pictures and didn't take much notice of the words.

The tattooist also mixed-up the words ``Day Premiers'', instead tattooing the words ``Gay Premiers'' above the new Geelong Football Club emblem.

``I said `you're joking','' said Neville, not his real name.

``Once they'd written right arm, I told them you may as well have left arm on the other one make it a bit of fun.''

Neville, who drank 15 cans of beer during the five-and-a-half hour experience, did not notice the blunder until his son-in-law walked in and saw it.


Yesterday, Xtreme Ink Tattoo owner and artist Ricky Johnson said he specialised in correcting and covering-up tattoo mistakes.

He said he could change ``Gay'' to ``Day'' and could cover-up the words ``right arm'' and ``left arm'' with something Cats related if Neville wanted.

``When I heard about it I was cracking up laughing. What do you expect drinking 15 cans?'' he said.

``You're putting your own life in your own hands if you get tattooed over there.''

Mr Johnson warned people to be wary of getting tattoos done in Thailand or Bali, having corrected those of about six people already this year.

``They re-use needle bits and piece them together dodgy. They often tattoo outside where it is dusty and don't use sterilisation,'' he said.

The Victorian Government recently urged people planning to get tattoos to make sure sterilisation procedures were being followed.


11-16-2007, 11:55 AM
Ha ha! I really miss watching Aussie Rules Football...

I used to watch it on Friday evenings years ago on an old cable sports networked that featured it as "fill programming" before they went to local sports coverage (Buffalo Sabres and Bills mostly).

It was a ritual to come home from college or work and crack a beer, and throw on the TV before going out to get senselessly piss drunk. Eventually however, the now defunct "Empire Sports Network" (one of the best local sports networks ever that had a national satellite and cable following here) then started more local Sabres hockey programming and eventually dropped it before finally going "tits up" in about 2003 after those Regias crook bastards were taken down in the whole Enron/World Com wake as Adelphia crumbled...

11-16-2007, 12:07 PM
Never drink, and Tattoo,,, Its not the worst screw up I've seen from a tattoo artist tho,,,,,