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10-15-2007, 08:44 AM
Original Title: Giarabub

Color:Black and White

Director:Goffredo Alessandrini

Goffredo Alessandrini's GIARABUB, perhaps the most famous war film produced in Italy during World War II, gets its title from the name of an Italian military oasis-post in the Libyan desert. The Italians are under siege by enemy British forces, and the situation for the Italians is hopeless; they have few supplies, almost no food. It is a matter of time before they are overtaken. An emissary from the British forces gives the Italians an ultimatum for surrender. But to Major Castagna (Carlo Ninchi) surrender is not an option. The point of the film seems to be to send a patriotic message to the Italians as the worst days of the war approached, that they might maintain their calm and dignity and sense of sacrifice for the motherland in the face of overwhelming odds.


Inchiodata sul palmeto - Blocked on the palm
veglia immobile la luna - the moon is vigiling,
a cavallo della duna - straddling the dune
sta l'antico minareto. - there is the acient minaret
Squilli, macchine, bandiere, - Rings, machinery, flags,
scoppi, sangue ... Dimmi tu - Bursts, blood ... Tell me you
che succede cammelliere? - What's happend cameleer?
E' la sagra di Giarabub! - It's the Giarabub's Epic

Colonnello, non voglio pane, dammi - Colonel, I do not want bread, give me
piombo pel mio moschetto - Lead for my musket
c'č la terra del mio sacchetto - There is some sands in my bag
che per oggi mi basterą. - it is enogh for me nor

Colonnello, non voglio l'acqua, dammi - Colonel, I do not want water, give me
il fuoco distruggitore - destroyer fire
con il sangue di questo cuore - With the blood of my heart
la mia sete si spegnerą. - My thirst will go off

Colonnello, non voglio il cambio, - Colonel, I do not want the change
qui nessuno ritorna indietro - nobody here goes back
non si cede neppure un metro - Not even gave one meter
se la morte non passerą!" - If death does not go down

Spunta gią l'erba novella - the new grass is already growing
dove il sangue scese a rivi... - where the blood came down like rivers
Quei fantasmi in sentinella - Those ghosts in sentinel
sono morti, o sono vivi? - Are They dead, or are they alive?
E chi parla a noi vicino? - And who is speaking next to us
Cammelliere, non sei tu? - Cameleer are you?
In ginocchio,pellegrino: - In knee, a pilgrim
son le voci di Giarabub! - they are the voices of Giarabub

Colonnello non voglio encomi, - Colonel I don't want any commendations
sono morto per la mia terra... - I'm dead for my land ...
Ma la fine dell'Inghilterra - But the end of England
Incomincia a Giarabub! - Strats from Giarabub