View Full Version : May I present? Blitzkrieg, the modification!

09-27-2007, 12:03 PM
I Ferdinand1942 informed those about the start of a new Mod, the 2. World war to the topic will have. The socalled blitzkrieg Mod pursues the conversion 2. World war (in Europe) in Armed Assault.


Since the team is still in the starting period, still talentierte coworkers are looked for, who can turn in the forum to Ferdinand1942.


More to the blitzkrieg Mod:


We (the UC-Mod team) dissociate us from all ideas and ideals from the time between 1933 and 1945,
in this modification to be mediated could…
We see our task in maintaining on as original-faithful a conversion of the units as possible from this time.
We do not want to obtain values, from therefore do not ask we all those, those between play and reality to differentiate can our modification
to play not, since it could obtain otherwise wrong impressions.

About BK-Mod:

The “blitzkrieg Mod” (work title) for Armed Assault shifts you into an exciting and realistic conversion 2. World war. Participate to country, to water and in air very closely in the campaigns on the European continent. Experienced as German Landser the blitzkrieg in France, the hell of the east front survives or fights at the coasts of France and Italy for the release of Europe. The enormous freedom of action, carefully investigated, historical scenes, weapons, proven well-known, from ArmA and, vehicles and objects as well as a demanding and authentic campaign offer an intensive, realistic and balanced play experience.

The France campaign 1939/40 will be the first scenario.

The BK-Mod team!