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06-14-2007, 03:03 AM
Gues we know enought about president Iran anti-isreal provocation when he told the Israel must be destroyed.Thsi disgusting fact was meeted as provocation by the world mass media.
But do we notice the fact (BTW not single) for provocations of jewish lobby inside USA agains the Iran.
http://rawstory.com/news/2007/Senator_Lieberman_advocates_military_strike_on_061 0.html

Senator Lieberman advocates military strike on Iran
"Iraq is now the main front in the long war we are fighting against the Islamist terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. In fact 90% of the suicide bombers in Iraq today killing Iraqis and American soldiers are foreign Al Qaeda fighters. Iran is training and equipping soldiers, Iraqis, to come in and kill American soldiers and Iraqis," said Lieberman.

Host Bob Schieffer then asked Lieberman what the United States should do about Iran.

Lieberman said that Iran is at war with the US and "the moderates" and that while he supports sitting down and talking with the Iranian government, that might not be enough.

"If we're going to sit and talk with the Iranians, tell them what we want them to do, which is to stop doing that because it's killing Americans, we can't leave it at that. I think we have to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians to stop them from killing Americans in Iraq," he said. "To me that would include a strike into, over the border into Iran where we have good evidence that they have a base at which they are training these people coming back into Iraq to kill our soldiers."

"Let's just stop right there," said Schieffer. "You're saying that if the Iranians don't let up that the United States should take military action."

"I am," replied Lieberman. "If they don't play by the rules we've got to use our force and to me that would include taking military action to stop them from doing what they're doing."

This is the obvious political provocation that could not be ignored IMO.
As we know the jewish loddy has made a great work to involve the USA in the war in Iraq - the very unpopular war that bring nothing exept damage of the political image of USA and rising the world oil prices.(i'm not tell about handreds thousands victims among the iraq's and 3 000 of coalitions soldiers)
In this aspect the attemps of the jewish lobby openly provoke the Iran for the military actions and began the new bloody war in Near East.
I would wish to know the oppinion of americans about this?