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Crazy history - i heard about this area, but i have no further informations - today somehow i found this - anybody has further informations about this?

Conspiracy, Complots & plots Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is not itself as generally accepted on 30 April 1945 in the leader shelter of the Reichskanzlei in Berlin, together with his Mrs. Eva brown, which lives took. The pair vermählte a short while before is to have fled allegedly together with further LV sizes over Italy from Germany and have lived then up to its death in an underground city (Antarctic base 211) in the Antarctic. The preparations for the ice-cold place of refuge in the Antarctic began already in the Vorkriegsjahren: The German military guidance appeared strategically extremely meaningful it 1938 to develop a base in the Antarctic ice. At this time the South Pole was not yet secured by the international Antarctic contracts, a mapping of the territorial claim could without large international conflicts be accomplished. On 17 December 1938 the ship swabia country left the port of Hamburg and needed one month around the Antarctic on 19 January 1939 to reach. “The major task existed to explore and with swastika flags bombard now therein as large an area with the airplane as possible”. (1) Scarcely 1/5 of the Antarctic surface were documented so for the first time with almost 11,000 pictures and defined at the same time as German realm Reich “new swabia country”. (2) Altogether the airplanes over 100 drop flags threw off. At the same time along the north coast with then usual putting flags one flew a flag. In the course of the expedition the entire northern segment of Antarctic received of the names for the first time names - usually from high citizen of Berlin realm officials, who prepared this investigation politically and militarily. Siegfried Sauter about is after a report of the “rem Murr messages” “the only Waiblinger, whose name a mountain course carries: the Sauter latch plate in the Antarctic”. In the year 1939 that was an at that time 23 years old air photographer of German Lufthansa participant of a Antarctic expedition. (3) After the Antarctic contract of 1957 mountain courses were partly placed again designated (Queen Maud country) and under Norwegian protectorate. But on old maps are still all old German names. In the year 1947 the USA try to destroy the German Antarctic base 211 allegedly by the largest military operation (code word Highjump) in the Antarctic. That one to today secret operation failed however pitifully. Officially the crew (4,000 men) under David Byrd should investigate only the area new swabia country officially. (4)

Source: http://www.conspiracy.nebelbank.de/hitler.html

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(3) "Rems-Murr-Nachrichten": "Siegfried Sauter", 27. November 1999
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You too Splinter ĦĦĦĦĦ :shock: ......I hope that you arent considering this as possible.

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Nope, but it´s quite an ineressting hypothese - so was my question, if there are any further informations ;)

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what about operation "highjump"?

didnt the americans send 40 ships and submarines and "many thousands" of troops + airsupport

to "investigate" the antartic in southern summer of 1946–1947?

a lot of resources to spend at the end of the war for no good reason - surely rumours and myths of "thule" & "Vril" wouldnt have been reason enought to expend all that resoruce....
so what "reasearch" where they doing?

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Nope, but it´s quite an ineressting hypothese - so was my question, if there are any further informations

Just this: :D


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Crazy history - i heard about this area, but i have no further informations - today somehow i found this - anybody has further informations about this?

New Swabia (German: Neuschwabenland or Neu-Schwabenland) is a section of the continent Antarctica between 20°E and 10°W (overlapping a portion of Norway's claim zone Queen Maud Land), which was claimed by Nazi Germany between 19 January 1939 and 8 May 1945. It is named for the German region of Swabia.

On December 17, 1938 the New Swabia Expedition departed Hamburg for Antarctica aboard the Schwabenland, a freighter capable of carrying and catapulting aircraft. The expedition had 33 members plus the Schwabenland's crew of 24. In January 1939 the ship arrived in an area already claimed in 1938 by Norway as Dronning Maud Land and began charting the region. In the following weeks 15 flights were made by the ship’s two Dornier Wal aircraft named Passat and Boreas over an area reported to be about 600,000 km² (though others claim it was half this size). The result was more than 11,000 aerial photographs. To assert Germany’s claim to newly-named Neu-Schwabenland three German flags were placed along the coast and 13 more were air-dropped further inland. Teams also walked along the coast recording claim reservations on hills and other significant landmarks. The expedition established a temporary base and also reported the discovery by air of hot springs with vegetation in some areas of the so-called Schirmacher Oasis which now hosts Maitri station. The place was named after captain Schirmacher, who conducted the flight during which the freshwater lakes were discovered shortly before the Schwabenland's return to Germany in February 1939.

Two more expeditions were scheduled for 1939-1940 and 1940-1941. These expeditions were expected to search for suitable whaling grounds and more importantly, extend Germany’s territorial claims in the Antarctic. The second expedition would also address some military issues, probably investigating the feasibility of naval bases from which Germany could control the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean along with the Drake Passage. Both were cancelled with the outbreak of World War II.

The name Neuschwabenland (and sometimes “New Schwabenland” or New Swabia) is still used for the region on some maps, as are many of the German names given to its geographic features. Neumayer Station, Germany's current Antarctic research facility, is located in the New Swabia area.

No country ever recognized Germany's claim. Although individuals have insisted that through a legal loophole the German Third Reich still exists judicially within the former borders of New Swabia, this is not supported by either German or international law nor by the terms of unconditional surrender to the Allied Powers signed by representatives of the German government on May 8, 1945, the date usually given for Germany's abandonment of the claim.

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see this link

It was December 30, 1946 and GEORGE 1, a Navy patrol plane attached to Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd's Antarctic Expedition, OPERATION HIGHJUMP was long overdue. It disappeared on the unexplored part of the Antarctic Continent with a crew of nine men. This is the true story of the remaining six crew members of GEORGE 1 and how they survived one of the world's most remote plane crashes. The experiences and incredible suffering of the six survivors are detailed by one of the men who survived the ordeal, Aviation Radioman James Haskin Robbins. It is a personal story of struggle and survival against almost insurmountable odds.

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This is right out of a work of fiction-Genesis by G. W. Harbinson. If the theories put forward in this book are indeed true, then by now the Fourth Reich would be ruling the world.

Regards digger.