View Full Version : WWII Aftermath?

05-08-2007, 02:39 PM
Not quite WWII Films, but two worth a look
sorry no big battle scenes etc...... so blood n guts fans should look elsewhere!

The Third Man (released 1949)
a classic B+W film set in Vienna immeadiately after the war, dealing with the black market and Allied powers and a mising agent.
some classic cinematography used many times over since this was made! a good template for thriller movies.
needless to say its based on Graham Greenes book, stars orson welles!

Europa (Released 1991)
Excellent B+W and Colour, again using interesting cinematography effects for its day. A film that interesting tries to reconcile an American german going back to Germany to help in its reconstruction and gets into touch with his family where he has a relative who works on the railways. The railways and its rules being a metaphor for the german psyche and society..., he gets drawn into the geopolitics of the time and the old "your enemies enemy, is not nessecerily your friend"
also known as "Zentropa" in some countries - do not confuse with the other film called "Europa Europa"