View Full Version : The Bruneval Raid - Stealing Hitler's Radar

01-25-2007, 12:41 PM
The Bruneval Raid by George Millar was first published in 1974, so might not be new to some readers.

"On the night of 27-28 February 1942 a detachment of British paratroopers landed in occupied France. Their mission: to capture a German radar site and sieze the vital parts of the machine."

This book is more than an account of a raid. This book gives an account of the electronics war which was waged between Britain and Germany. It offers a pacey and intriguing insight into, but not only, the development of radar, but also fighter defence control, electronic navigation, electronic counter measures, aerial photo recconnaissance, the French Resistance and, not least, the larger than life characers that were involved in it all, be they commanders, scientists, resistance operatives or paratroopers.

A compelling, informative and entertaining read, which I am certain would be enjoyed by those interested in the 'Radar thread' and airborne missions.