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11-13-2006, 04:53 AM
Gentlemens , week behind i downloaded the FoW.
Far along time (since the CallofDuty2) i didn't get the such pleasure.
This is real-time strategy with elemen of RPG and direct operation of any choosen unit ( whatever soldier or transport or tank).
The came look like "Codename Panzers".
Fully excellent detalized 3d engine retarded my Athlon 3000 sometimes (during the mass battles).
Here is the screenshoot
You can download the Demo is here:http://www.ag.ru/files/demos/faces_of_war

The most amazing in this game i think the AI of the enemy and allies units. First time it even irritate me even single enemy mashin gan unit could be hard the impediment for group of for my units.
Game has a 3 compain: Allies, Germans and USSR.
Today i has finished already USSR and Allies. Any company has its own interests tasks game is very dinamic and fast: sometimes i was forced to use the critical "Save/Load" method.

P.S. if somebody has the unlimited connection and wish to download the full english wersion (about 1.6 Gb) call right now ;)