View Full Version : Did Nazis plan to send kids to UK Universities?

11-04-2006, 10:43 PM
I was wondering if someone could back me up on this? I watched a documentary about a year ago on the Discovery channel, and (I think) the programme was called "Nazis plan for Britain" and it was basically about plans that had been discovered in Germany about what the SS and Nazis were going to do/If and when they captured Britain. There was a part in the documentary that said "Hitler admired Britain very much, and so much so they wanted the Nazis/SS offspring to attend UK universities to get educated because of what Britain achieved with the empire etc.

I am in a bit of a debate about it with someone, as they don't believe me, they are saying that Germany at the time was winning Nobel prizes in science and physics etc, (which could be true) so we were behind them so to speak, and I am saying "well if we were so far behind them, why were the Nazis wanting to send their kids to the UK to get educated if that was the case?" as the programme I watched was legitimate, so I dont think I picked up any wrong info.

I have scrolled the web all night, and cant find a sausage on the subject, so I was wondering anyone here would know? or possibly give me a link of some sort?

any help would be much appreciated.