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FW-190 Pilot
09-25-2006, 05:36 AM
This war happened in China. General Chow (you) has just united the northern China and look to conquer the southern china too. you sends over 750,000 soldiers and hope they can get across the river and engage the enemy. but this is no easy task because general Lau and suen (only with about 50,000 soldiers combine) has experienced and well trainned navy lead by generals that is very talented on naval battles.

In the early stage of war, your naval battleship has unable to win against a small band of enemy ships and was beatened very badly.

Now there is two problem for you to solve. First is that there are rumours about your naval generals (your only general who is has some kind of experience in naval battle). The rumours are that your naval generals want to kill you, then surrender to general Lau and suen. Strong evidence has shown that both side has exchange letters and your spy has able to get one of the letters from general Suen, indicates that Suen is really impatient why you havent been killed yet. the question is, will you kill your general before they take action? or will you trust your general?

The second question is that your soldier is not very good at naval battle, plus the sea waves are making them very sick. A very smart person came to you and provide you with a solution. "general Chow, why dont you tied all your ships together so that your ship will be stable enough to prevent soldiers to be sick again"
Would you agree to his point and why?

If you are really interested, please reply. thanks

cpl condor
09-28-2006, 03:04 PM
is very difficult, but need some time to evaluate the intel. Let me think about it.

FW-190 Pilot
09-29-2006, 05:58 AM
One hint for you if you dont get it
You find that you really cant trust your naval general. Your spy (lets call him peter) is a friend of your enemy's Commander. Peter decides to go visit his friend, Commander Chow. They have a big feast that night and Commander Chow and his officers are drunk and wasted. Peter take this time to search in Chow's room and thats how he found those letter